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Frequently Asked Questions

How is your warranty determined?

The warranty period begins at the date of the sale, and is in effect for the time period stated on the product owner’s manual.  The receipt or bill of sale that is supplied by the retailer at the time of purchase should be kept for warranty determination.

Are any products not covered by a warranty?

  • Problems caused by improper maintenance
  • Problems caused by parts other than original equipment
  • Bent or broken parts
  • Damage due to abuse or neglect
  • Use of improper lubricants
  • Insufficient lubrication
  • Normal wear and tear

What are the most common non-warranty issues?

Bad or contaminated fuel: Gasoline should be used within 30 days of purchase, or it may cause issues for your engine, such as:

  • Damaging your carburetor by corroding components and plugging orifices
  • Fouling spark plugs
  • Causing valves to stick

Overfilling engine with oil: Too much oil is damaging to your engine, and overfilling can cause issues, such as:

  • Causing motor to smoke
  • Saturating the air filter, starving the engine of air
  • Fouling spark plugs
  • Seizing an engine from can hydro
  • Bending valves and damaging seals

Low or dirty oil: Either of these issues will also damage your engine, including:

  • Shortening life of engine
  • Allowing minor problems to turn into costly repairs
  • Engine failure